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Hiking the Ardennes hills

The dense forests, meandering rivers and ancient bastions of the Ardennes make up for an unspoilt scenery fit for both leisurely walks and daring hikes. Pursue the wavering paths ahead guided by one of three routes traced out for you. Hiking maps are available.

Pedalling the Famenne country

Steer towards picturesque villages nestling in the valleys or manoeuvre through Rochefort’s sovereign fauna and flora. Both bicycles and mountain bikes are available for rent at the chateau estate.

Golfing among royals

Mere moments away from the chateau estate lies the Royal Golf Club Château Royal d’Ardenne. Situated on the grounds surrounding Leopold II’s Royal Castle, it encloses eighteen holes, natural altitude changes and a number of majestic views on the green.

Cavern encounters

Sculpted by the river Lesse meandering through the Massif of Boine, the Caves of Han are a rare occurrence in Europe. The underground labyrinth of dramatically eroded limestone formations and the surrounding wildlife park are as seldom as they are striking.

Reground & revive with a Lesse view

The Provincial Estate of Chevetogne is nestled at the root of the rising Ardennes Massif. 600 hectares large, the generous terrain offers a boundless array of outdoor activities for all ages, ranging from a canoe excursion to an interactive walk in one of the seven themed gardens.

Mounting Dinant’s stronghold

Towering over the city of Dinant and the Meuse valley, the Dinant Citadel is an undeniable protagonist in the Ardennes’s turbulent history. The 408 steps leading up to it are an ambitious endeavor at best, but certainly worth the stunning panoramic views.