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there are no lines in nature
— only areas of colour


Château de Vignée is a landmark amidst the strong-willed landscape of the Ardennes.

Sprouting from a 400-year-old hunting narrative and acting as a field hospital in the Second World War, the 17th-century castle has always been a stronghold in the Famenne region.


Over the years, Château de Vignée has gained deeper insight into the needs of its guests only to arise anew as a lavish boutique estate. The opulent suites are tailored to unwind, restaurant ARDEN caters to any gastronomical urges while the spa site tends to physical and spiritual solace. The tailored event spaces add to the flourishing spirit of the chateau site.


Drawing from its ancient roots, the chateau is raised from regional marbles and the ruins of the previous building. The interior takes cues from the overwhelming force and beauty of the native scenery surrounding the estate. Aware of its ever-evolving setting, Château de Vignée has aligned with the seasons both aesthetically and gastronomically offering a genuine Ardennes experience.